Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday ..... Shark!!!!!!!

In honor of my upcoming trip to Hawaii with my husband on Thursday
I am reposting an Outdoor Wednesday from last years trip.
This was a crazy adventure that I don't want to recreate...but I guess you
never know.......See you in 10 days
Another Outdoor Wednesday, I am so excited to participate. Thank you Susan at ASouthernDaydreamer for hosting.

I would like to start this Outdoor Wednesday with a story.

Once upon a time there was a Mr and Mrs who took a vacation to
the beautiful island of Hawaii. Kevin Dear and Darling loved the tropic beauty of the
sand and sea. Loving it so much they decided to take a snorkel trip that
was not as sterile as most snorkel trips. This trip was on a hard decked
zodiac with about 10 other people. A little more rough and tumble and closer to the water.

Some of the beaches had
been closed to the North do to shark sighting, but our guide told us everything was fine and
he would take us snorkeling, and then to a beautiful deserted beach. Kevin Dear and Darling
said sign us up at once. So off we went....

Not at all concerned but very excited we quickly came upon a pod of spinner dolphins.
They were jumping and swimming right next to our boat. Kevin Dear got a picture
of a little guy showing off for us.

Then the story gets interesting.

Our guide told us another pod of dolphins had been sighted and would we like to get into the water and see them up close. Well of course we did.
So as instructed, with no flippers just masks, we jumped into the water. It was
amazing. We were so close to the dolphins, and they seemed just as curious about
us as we were about them. They came a little closer to check us out.

As fast as they arrived, they were gone.
The guide told us to get back in the boat, take our time but hurry up.

Kevin Dear and Darling were one of the first one's in and they overheard the
guide telling the captain, "No, don't say anything yet". Darling looked at the guide and asked "don't say anything about what?"
He told her there may be something else in the water. Darling of course asked,

"Is it friend or foe?"
The guide just smiled...

Sure enough when everyone was back in the boat he told us there
was something off the bow. We all looked and saw a 10-12 foot tiger shark.

He swam right by our boat about 6 foot down. The guide even put his head in the water for a closer look...crazy. Since our boat was only about 22 foot it seemed
like he was passing us forever.

Darling felt like she was in Jaws as that big shark was passing the boat. As people leaned over to the side to see him
Darling thought we would tip the boat and see Mr. Shark up closer and more personal.

There is our boat keeping watch over our deserted beach.

After our adventure and everyone was safe, our guide
took us to this most exquisite deserted beach. Here we
shared a beverage and couldn't stop talking about our shark adventure.

Now back to the other Outdoor Adventures at Susan's

Aloha...see you soon

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