Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My new Favorite

I can't believe Dancing with the Stars is already into Week 4 and I haven't posted about it. I have a new favorite this season....and I don't mean one of the celebrities. I am now infatuated with Dmitry who is partnered with Mya. After last week Kristi and I were wondering if there was a love connection between Mya and Dimitry (this week I'm not so sure). I think she may be a bit of a control freak. What do you think?

I definitely think there is a love connection between
Chelsea and snowboard boy and I think
she felt bad this week because she wasn't as familiar with the 2-step
and didn't give him much to do...hence bad marks. I hope they stick around.

What do you think about that one?

Only time will tell.


Did you see him with that shear black shirt last week?

At least he should stick around longer than last season... Mya is
a great partner.

Who are your favorites?


Dmitry with anyone (Mya doesn't have my undying love yet)
Donny Osmond (am I showing my age?)
Kelly Osbourne (love her enthusiasm and I think she loves her partner)
Derek (amazing dancing last night)
Mark and Melissa - (he gets the absolute most out of his partners...
now I hope there is a love connection between him and last season
partner Shawn)

Mark can stay awhile just because I like him and Lacey

Ready to see go:

Wrestler guy - Chuck (even though he has a cute smile)
Football guy - Michael (two left feet)

On the fence:

Aaron Carter can go or stay... if he would stop crying I think
he could be great and give Mya a run for her money.

Who are your favorites?

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