Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Pidgeon Coop

Afternoon Delight

Recently, Kristi, Riley, Madison and I were invited
for a little afternoon playdate at the Pidgeon Coup.
Donna, in her usual hospitable way opened
her home and heart, treating us to great food, great
wine and great friends. 
Sheryl, Donna's daughter, channeled the
great chefs of FoodNetWork and
created some splendidly tasty appetizers.

Donna had the Williams-Sonoma mulling spice
simmering on the stove and a fleet of wines
for our tasting pleasure and as is Donna's
way, the ever present music in the background, just in case
she wanted to dance or break into song.  As always
we weren't disappointed.  We joined
Donna in song and a great laugh.

Every section of her home was homey and reflected
the Fall season.  Gifts emerged for playing and
birthdays and the kids had a blast.

Leo was suspicious of the girls,
but ended up having a ball.

Maybe Riley was even a little suspicious of Leo

Donna gets right down to the kids level and they
love it.

As you can see Riley adores Donna
(but who doesn't?)

Madison had just had her birthday
and Donna had a little surprise for her.
Sometimes I wonder who has the best time, the kids
or Donna

What's that Leo doing over there, Madison wonders.

This is the gorgeous vignette Donna had waiting for us.

and of course, even more gorgeous with our hostesses,
Donna and Sheryl (aren't they darling?)

Remember I said Sheryl was channeling the
are the delicious appetizers

Cute wine charms and napkins

Shrimp Cocktail

and of course, Donna broke into song and dance.
I think Riley may have been channeling Donna, because
she loved it.

Thank you Donna and Sheryl for the
lovely afternoon, it was an afternoon
that makes warm
memories of great friends.

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