Monday, November 15, 2010

The many faces of Bella

Oklahoma Charmer...

yes, maybe I'm prejudice, but this little girl is a charmer.  She talks your ear off, puts together a mean puzzle, shops till she drops (like her mama) and eats like a truck driver.  She is about to turn 3, but I think
she is an old soul in a young body....she is philosophical, remembers everything you tell her, sings songs (hundreds of songs and knows all the words) and comprehends beyond her years.  Of course what do I know, I'm just the grandma.  Grandma Maryrose to be exact, that way I won't be mixed up with Grandma Rena, the Oklahoma grandma. 

My mom and I flew to Oklahoma to visit
the Vanderheidens. 
That's alot of name, but
Isabella Rose Vanderheiden has no trouble with it at all. 
I was surprised when I got home because
I had taken so few pictures. 
Stacy says I must have had a great time because I didn't remember to take pictures and I think she was right.  
I did have a great time. 

I did lots of talking, listening and watching....

I watched Bella ...
Swinging on the playground

Sliding down the slide

Playing in that crisp autumn air 
with the falling leaves blowing around us.

Wearing cat's eye glasses...
to see the world a little greener.

Showing me her scary face

Showing me her sad face

and showing me her happy face which is similar
to her scary face

Eating sushi...even Baba got into this.
First you put it on your chopsticks

Then you eat it....


Don't forget those scrumptious noodles

Fed to her like a little bird...

What a quick trip it was, I was home before I knew it.

I miss you already Bella...hope you can come visit me soon. 
Ask your mommy.

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