Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DWTS - Party at Kristi's

Shall we Dance?
Our hostess with the mostest....

The scene is set...Monday night.. 8:00
Get ready for....

Grab your disco ball and head to the party.

On Monday night...my daughter Kristi had a Dancing with the Stars party (with a little push from me).

With the help of some fun loving ladies, we laughed and ate our way through 2+ hours of dancing bliss. We started our evening welcoming our guests with a red carpet and special V.I.P. entrance.

V.I.P.'s only please!

Bearing delicious platters, and crock pots, the smiling guests arrived.

Rewarded with Makstini's or their beverage of choice and an empty plate we began the festivities.

The Arrival... here we have Carolyn and Kris
Tammie Delores

and more...

Our spread included: veggies and dip, baked brie, 7 layer dip, artichoke dip, crock pot meatballs, pizza, corn dog wraps and an assortment of mini quiches. OMG! and for dessert we had YourSugarRush coconut cupcakes, peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes and delicious lemon bars from Debbie and Diane. We had so much food we could have invited another 20 guests.

As is our M.O. we had a special treat for our guests...what would that be you may ask?
(no telling when it involves us)

A judges table of course, equipped with scoring paddles and lovely
costumes to distinguish the various judges.
Here is Len (Kris) adjusting CarrieAnn's tiara and boa (Donna)

Our first 3 judges...
Carrie Ann (Donna) Len (Kris) and Bruno (Carolyn)

Here are our second set of judges...
Carrie Ann (Debbie) Len (Diane) and Bruno (Tammie)
I would like to compliment the judging for their skill and accuracy and totally
getting into character. They were great sports.

Here are our 3rd set of judges...
Carrie Ann (Kristi) Len (Lindsey) and Bruno (Maryrose)

Who is your favorite.. I think the consensus was as follows:

Mya and Dmytri are probably the best but not the favorite (except for Kristi's).
Donny, though not the best dancer is definitely the favorite (except for Kristi who is still
mourning FoodNetwork guy) Kristi......time to move on.
Kelly is a favorite.....Aaron can go.
Diana is in love with Derek but no one seems to like Joanna.
Who will be voted off tonight?

Here is a great picture of Lindsey, Donna's date (daughter)

After and evening of fun, we realized we were missing just one thing.
Oh well, maybe for the finale.

Thanks Kristi for a great evening of fun and laughs.

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