Monday, November 9, 2009

Festival of the Trees 2009

It is time again for "The Festival of the Trees".
FOT is a fundraising event to raise money for Riverside County Regional Medical Center. For more information on this event click here for their website. It's such a good cause.
I did a tree several years ago with my friend Peggy. Our tree turned out darling and we actually won the "Santa's favorite" award. One of my other friends, Tammie, asked me if I was going to do a tree this year. She caught me at a rather perky time, and I answered with a laugh and a maybe. One morning, several weeks later, my husband comes into the house and says...tell me you didn't buy another Christmas which I replied..No, but if it is flocked tree, I'm keeping it. So I went out to meet the delivery men and it hit me. They were delivering me a tree to decorate for FOT. I just laughed...that Tammie.
The theme this year is a song. You must use a song or a line from a song as your inspiration. I was not feeling a serious, traditional tree, which is more my style. I wanted a whimiscal and fun tree. I won't be winning any prizes but I am having a ball designing and decorating it. When I went to my daughter's several weeks ago I shopped at Hobby Lobby. OMG! I found so many fun things...I filled a suitcase and headed home.
My colors are fuchsia pink, black, white and silver with lots of glitz and sparkle.
Here are my before pics... with my suitcase of treasures from Oklahoma.

 This is the 7.5 foot Costco tree.  Everyone gets the same tree.

 These are my treasures

Here is a glimpse at what I have so far. Stay tuned for
the reveal.
I wish we had a Hobby Lobby in CA.



Diamond Rings

Oh, I haven't shared my yet.
This year I am doing

"Santa Baby"


Hurry down the chimney tonight
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