Thursday, November 19, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughters

Like Mother, Like Daughters

There is a story that I think of often when I think of my girls and me.  I know that each of my girls have characteristics (not physical characteristics) that remind me of myself.  They like things I like and do things like I do (with their own twists of course).  I have enjoyed watching them marry, start families and make warm and beautiful homes for their families.

The story goes:

A newly married young woman was making a roast for her new husband for the first time.  She purchased the roast, brought it home and began the preparation.  Before she placed it in the baking pan she cut the edges off either side of the roast...just like her mother did.  She baked the roast to her husband's delight.  The next time she was with her mom she told her about the delicious roast she had made, and proceeded to tell her mom how she prepared it.  When she came to the part where she cut the ends off the roast her mom just smiled.  The daughter looked at her mom, puzzled by her mom's reaction.  She asked her mom why she was smiling.  Her mom laughed and said ...Oh dear, when I used to make roast for our family I would cut the edges off because I didn't have a pan big enough to cook it, cutting the edges off was the only way I could fit the roast in the pan.

This made me notice the similarities between my BFF Kris and her mom, Diane.   Diane graciously invited Kevin and me to dinner last night, along with Kris and Greg.  Diane was such a gracious and welcoming hostess, a great cook and made us feel very comfortable in her lovely home.........just like her daughter.   I had to laugh, we all take so many things from our mothers and grandmothers and like the story... who knows the origins of  these lovely characteristics. 
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