Monday, November 2, 2009

Ghosts of Halloweens past....

Esoryram’s Plea

Eye of newt and wing of bat
Gather your cat and leave your hat (they are so 2 years ago)

Calling all witches, please hear my plea
Because as you know it’s all about me

Once again it is time for us to meet
So bring a Mexican dish that we all can eat

Gather one and all for Bunco, Feast and Tricks
Our meeting will be at the witching hour of Six

Bring your wits, and don’t worry I won’t bite
But be prepared for a delightful fright

While dressing remember to take great care
This is definitely an orange and black outfit affair

Beware the spider as you make your approach
And look for Diana’s lovely pet roach

Your fate is in my hands as I impatiently wait
But don’t despair for I know it will be great.

Last Thursday night I had my annual Halloween Bunco. This is an event I look forward to each year, and my bunco gals tolerate my eccentricities. This year I continued on with my "Esoryram" theme. For those of you who don't know...Esoryram is Maryrose spelled backward and she visited us for the first time several years ago. She has been back ever since. (Don't tell but I think we will be having a pirate wench party next year)

So with their orange and black they arrived for Halloween Bunco, and the ladies never know what to expect (probably because I don't know until the last minute) but I try and have a few surprises up my sleeve. We always have a delicious Mexican feast and boy do these ladies know how to put on a spread.


7-layer dip
Tortilla wraps
Enchilada soup
Chicken enchiladas
Rice (2 kinds)
Corn spoon bread
Chilie relleno casserole
Seafood salad
and I am sure something that I have missed.

Oh yes, of course....
a little cranium under glass...
and a giant roach

Dessert was supplied by: Your Sugar Rush
Hat, purse and shoe cookies
and a cake to die for....

White cake, white chocolate ganache and raspberry filling.


Very chic... the purses had a choice of bat handles
or handles made of Divine.

Your outfit wouldn't be complete without a lovely pair of shoes

and a matching hat.

Good thing everyone had on orange and black.

We were visited by a few dear old friends.

Some or our favorite fellows

and no witch would be complete without her favorite cat.

Everyone went home with a surprise gift and a smile.

Until we meet again.

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