Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Color Purple and No Southern Belle

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

This event is hosted by the lovely Susan at A Southern Daydreamer. This is always such a fun day. Check out all of the participants for some inspirational beauty.

The Color Purple

It's that time of year in our small town in Southern California.
It is Jacaranda season.
Our town turns purple at the end of May and if we are lucky it lasts until the end of June. Everywhere you look you see purple.

These are some of my favorite trees and I didn't do them justice. Maybe I can go out and get some better pictures. They are beautiful.

It's amazing that flowers can be this purple

No Southern Belle

That's right, here in California we have Magnolia trees.

They are blooming right now and are beautiful. I can only

imagine how beautiful the Magnolia trees in the south must be.

Hopefully I will see some on this beautiful Outdoor Wednesday.

I love how large these flowers are.

Don't they look pretty against the blue sky?

Thanks for stopping by now back to Susan's for more outdoor fun.

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