Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Harry Houdini or Mary Houdini ... you decide

Escape Artist
I just had an adventure in my own bathroom. Sounds ominous don't you think?
Some of you know (and have also experienced) my broken door knob in my downstairs bathroom. Usually I keep a door stop on it so no one gets locked in until I can get it fixed. (it has only been broken since Thanksgiving after all). Well I was ready to leave for work this morning and I ran in to change my shirt. No one is home and I still closed the door for a bit of privacy and guess what? I got locked in. Should I panic? I don't have my phone, I haven't eaten yet this morning, will I starve, when will someone find me, maybe no one will miss me, Kevin has school and won't be home until 10:00, will I be in here until late. Then I started to
realize I may be getting the alone time I have been craving lately. I could give myself
a mani and pedi, I could have a nap, I had my glasses so I could catch up on my magazine reading, or maybe I should panic.

Here's my phone lying on the counter with my purse.

My view from the inside of the bathroom. What should I do?
Into the drawers I went....

and found this.

Yes by using this nail clipper I felt like McGyver. I unscrewed the door knob and was able to make my escape. Leaving behind .....

the remains.

I guess I better get that fixed.
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