Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tonight is the Night - What do you think?


Yes, my first season of Dancing with the Stars will come to a close tonight. I love all 3 of the finalists, and I think they are all very talented.

~ Shawn and Mark ~

I love Shawn's dedication and work ethic. I think her moves are so precise and she is so graceful when she dances. She is fun to watch and I think Mark is her perfect partner. I do think the judges are a little too hard on her, and I think she is Carrie Anne's least favorite.

~ Melissa and Tony ~

I don't think Melissa did as well as the others last night. I love her enthusiasm and I think she also has a great work ethic and strong fan base. Her freestyle routine was not my favorite, I think they tried too hard. Still she and Shawn remain my favorites.

~ Gilles and Cheryl ~

Gilles is very talented but I am a little tired of watching him cry each week. He must be a terrific actor or just a very sensitive guy. I do love to watch him dance the Latin dances but I am a bit tired of Cheryl. She loves to hang all over him and last night was a bit much. Their freestyle was my least favorite of the three, but he is very good looking and sexy. That may carry him to the top. PS - I think Len is "in love" with Gilles.

I have loved my new obsession and can't wait until next season ... and this
season hasn't even ended.

Who's your favorite? And I don't mean Sandy and Danny.....

They wanted to come back for the finals, they have the moves.
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