Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happiest Place on Earth ....

Disneyland .......
No I am not talking about Disneyland.... well yes I am kind of. Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth when you are sharing the day with a darling little princess and her mother. Princess Bella and Queen Stacy came to visit our humble village last Thursday.

It was a spontaneous trip. From the time Stacy asked if she should come and she walked off the plane was less than 15 hours to our delight of course.
On Friday morning, armed with stroller and sippy cup, Princess Bella was on her way to her first trip to Disneyland. We arrived early and stayed late and saw just about every character that lives at the park.
We started at California Adventure because Princess Bella loves Mickeys Playhouse.
They had a darling little show. She loved it and afterwards promptly fell asleep so Queen Stacy, Prince Sean and I went to see the Aladdin Show. From there we headed to Disneyland and to see Princess Bella's favorite star... Mickey Mouse.
And there is no place better to find Mickey than at his house.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Bella is the fairest of them all...
Are we having fun yet?
Mickey and Friends.

This was
the first character Bella saw and loved it.

Next, off to see the other Princesses.
and there is no better place to meet princesses than on the
enchanted walk at the Princess Faire

Bella couldn't wait to see the princesses.

Our first princess was Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
now she should have been in blue but we forgave her because she was beautiful.

Our next princess was Mulan (a bit of a gip because she isn't
really a princess but one of Stacy's favorites)

and lastly ... Snow White. The princesses were so sweet
and got right down to Bella's level. We were actually very lucky because
as we were leaving there was a shift change and we also met Ariel, Belle and Cinderella.
How lucky was that? She loved them so
much we had to buy a princess necklace afterward.
Bella chose pink and we brought
Riley a blue one.
Next off .... A Small World

Then a trip into Storybook Land through Monstro's tail

She loved it all.

Even a side bar to give Dale a kiss on the nose, or is it Chip?

Does anyone know the difference. We do...

A hungry Princess didn't know which utensil to use first. Maybe all of them.
A peak from the stroller.
and ready for home. On the way out we got to visit we ran
into a dear old friend.

Minnie Mouse. Minnie asked Princess Bella to come back again soon.

Princess Bella said yes.

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