Thursday, July 30, 2009

In an earlier post you found me sad.
I was sad because I would be missing my annual Twin Lakes camping and fishing trip with my dear Favorite Uncle Frank and Auntie Laurie (or Juliet as Sean calls her)
My mom wasn't feeling well so I stayed home with her. She is feeling much better, and will be going back to the doctor today to see what magic he can perform.
But I stray...
I received a picture to my phone from my dear FU and Auntie and it made me smile. Perhaps it will make you smile too.

This is Frank and Laurie with the lake in the background and two glasses with a bottle of port in the foreground (and the feet, you know how I love the feet). My guess is the empty glass on the right is for me. Here was the caption on the phone:

"Things just aren't the same without you both here."

I think I might have a tear... Thanks FU and Auntie

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