Monday, July 6, 2009

You are invited.... to a Princess Tea

Once upon a time, as all good stories go, three princesses came
to visit the Quirky Queen of Whimsy. The Quirky Queen of Whimsy in her glorious castle, welcomed them with open arms.
Now as all good princess etiquette goes, a party must be thrown
to welcome the young princesses.
The princesses must be taught the fine manners and social graces of royalty that will carry them out into the world.
So the table was set in all of it's finery. The princesses were bathed
and powdered and dressed in fine gowns. Delicious cakes and cupcakes
were baked and selected to set out before the princesses.
(little known fact: princesses love buttercream)
Other Queens and Princesses of all ages were invited to share in the festivities.
(that would also be mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers)
So all of you Queens and Princesses,
we would like to invite you to
A Princess Tea
Please join us.
Ingredients for a princess tea...
  • The Prettiest Princesses
  • The most delicious cakes and cupcakes
  • The most beautiful princess gowns
  • and a whole lot of fun

I am not sure who had more fun, the lovely princesses or the moms and grandmas, and great grandmas. The girls served themselves tea and helped themselves to luscious cakes. We couldn't keep them away from the cakes and cupcakes.
Afterward we had a lovely game of bubbles. Enjoy.

Princess Madison

Princess Riley

Princess Bella

What a fun time we had, unfortunately I don't
think these princesses have yet learned the
fine manners and social graces of all good princesses.
considering the amount of buttercream on their faces.
It's okay though, there is always next time.
(if you click on the pics you can get a closer look at the little darlings)
Kris, Genn, Donna and Sheryl we need to have a princess and prince tea
some afternoon. Maybe we can invite a frog or two.
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