Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mourning Twin Lakes

I was supposed to be enjoying one of my favorite places this weekend, with some
of my favorite people...however it was not to be.
Twin Lakes outside of Bridgeport in the High Sierras (CA)
My mom wasn't feeling well, so I stayed home to help her out. Kevin headed up to Rock Creek, with a couple of friends so the weekend was not a total loss for him. Here are a few tranquil mornings we have spent at Twin Lakes in the past.

Kevin and Marc (Greg was lucky) had a bit of bad luck on their way up... but that
is another story.

Some early morning fishing... this is the spot where a family of otters live.

Kevin and Uncle Frank with the sun just coming up.

Uncle Frank contemplating ... to fish...or not to fish...

Just a pretty view of where we had been.

The hubby doing what he likes to do best.

Now the bad luck story.
On the way up this weekend Kevin and Marc had a flat tire. 4 hours later AAA showed up and fixed it. About a 6 pack later, Greg
showed up and they resumed their trip. All I know at this point is they
got a new spare, made it up to the campground, Greg and Marc had each caught
a trout (Kevin had only hooked one, and we all know that doesn't count) and
were relaxing and having a piece of famous homemade pie at Rock Creek Cafe.
Hope they had a great weekend...they will be back Sunday.

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