Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pink or Blue?

As I was perusing my pictures it
occurred to me that I have questions about one of life's great mysteries....

Growing up as a Disney fan (thanks to my dear dad) I developed two favorites.
One was Peter Pan. I absolutely loved Peter Pan and had a record (that's right, a record... remember those?) that I played non stop.

My other favorite was Sleeping Beauty.
Yes, back in the days of no DVD's and no movies available on demand, and not near as many princesses to choose from, we were
limited when choosing our favorite princess.
Mine was Aurora aka Briar Rose aka Sleeping Beauty.

The controversy arises however. All princesses
have their signature gowns in their signature color. To me sleeping beauty was and
should always be in "Blue" After all Meriweather did change her
dress to blue at the end of the movie didn't she?

As she was lying in the tower waiting for Prince Phillip she was in blue wasn't she?

Well that is the controversy. Do you think Sleeping Beauty should
be in Pink or Blue?

Disney chose Blue to commemorate her 50 year anniversary.

I will leave you with one more question. Who is your favorite Disney Prince?

Prince Phillip gets my vote.

He was handsome and could sing and dance in the forest...

He could slay the fire breathing dragon...

And he could rescue the damsel in distress.... what more could you ask from a prince?

It was fun reliving my girlhood days ;)

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