Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday.
I have been MIA from Outdoor Wednesday, and I
am so happy to be back.
Thank you to our wonderful hostess Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for
this fun event.
A lovely thing happened to me last week,
I had a surprise visit from my daughter and grand daughter.
Imagine my surprise when my daughter called and said
she had plane tickets and would be arriving the next morning.
Of course my reaction was typical grandmother, I screamed with delight.
As promised my daughter and granddaughter stepped off the plane in time for lunch the following day. Talk about spontaneous......
We fit 2 weeks of activities into 6 days, and what fun it was.
My granddaughter Bella had a blast and her cousin Riley, who
lives nearby enjoyed her visit as much as I did.
We went to Disneyland and Bella was very taken with the princesses, so
one afternoon we had an outdoor princess tea.
During the course
of our tea the girls decided to blow bubbles.
Two princesses out for a stroll.

Riley is checking out the bubbles over Bella's head.

They also got to play in the pool.

Bella and Riley
Who's that scary guy playing peek a boo.

Even little sister Madison got into the act.

Bella, Madison and Riley

On the day I picked them up from the airport I also
had to pick up my new kitty. She started out the day with
me at work waiting to head to the airport. She worked very hard.

She attended the princess tea and actually started the search
for Cinderella when she found the lovely glass slipper.

Playing with these girls is hard work. I think she needed a little rest.
We named Kitty "Dora" as in Dora the Explorer
For those of you moms and grandmas out there, I'm sure you know who this is.

Thank you for letting me share my outdoor adventures, now back to Susan's for more Outdoor Fun.

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