Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Many Adventures of Dora the Explorer

The Adventures of Dora and Riley
Boldly going where no cat has gone before
Our story opens deep in the heart of the man room. The man room you
may ask, what is a man room? This is the deepest darkest of
caves that Dora is about to explore. She will meet many dangers, but
the most dangerous is a small girl named Riley....
Our Dora kitty is growing, and with all new babies they need
toys to play with. However, when the grand daughter is helping to put
the toy together, I think she might get the idea that the toy is for her.
Such was the case with Riley and Dora.
Here is Dora checking out her new tent. She is infatuated with the label.

Here is Dora playing a little ball... not sure what the game is but

I will find out.

Here is Dora giving Riley the stink eye, because Riley wants to get inside the tent.
"Hey Chickie, this is my domain..... go find your own tent" says Dora
Here is Dora learning how to share.
"Well okay, maybe you can play for a little while"

"Hey, Riley, poke your head inside, maybe you'll get stuck"
Actually she poked her head in and popped out the other side.

"This is actually pretty fun. Riley you can come back anytime"

But I think this works best.
Riley and Dora

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