Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Kevin!!

On the first day of spring many moons ago, a baby boy was born to Jim and Delores Kelley. He was the apple of their eye.

He grew up playing many sports.

Skiing - what exactly was in that cup, didn't you see the sign?
I think this may have been Mammoth when he was 21. This is one of my favorite

He played football and still has the bad knees to prove it.

Nice form though, don't you think? I certainly couldn't kick that high.

Golf - to me one of the "cheatiest" sports of all. (is cheatiest a word?)
Looking good.

Fishing, one of his all time favorites. How peaceful is fishing?
Except when you are constantly redoing all of the kids tangled lines. Oh, and mine too.

The happiest day of his life ..... (ha, ha)

Happy Birthday Kevin. Sorry I didn't do a better job with
the pictures. I had big plans but .......

PS - I did spellcheck and cheatiest is not a word, but I used it anyway.

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