Monday, March 23, 2009

My 1st --- 3 or More Tuesday

The Gypsy's Corner is hosting this 3 or more Tuesday.
This is my 1st time participating so here goes...

12 Step Program ???????????????

Okay - I may have a small problem. I would like to know if anyone else out there has this same problem. If so there may be a 12 step program in our future. I was looking around my house thinking, I would love to participate in Gypsy's Corner's 3 or more Tuesday. But what do I have 3 or more of?
It's funny, when you start looking around for 3 or more of something you learn a lot about yourself, sometimes more than you bargained for.
My eye fell upon a small stack of ribbon I had just purchased. I "love" ribbon. I use it for wrapping, crafting, and just about everything.

So I pulled out a few and took a few pictures, and then it hit me.....

Who needs all of this ribbon? And this is just a small sampling.
So thanks for dropping by, and helping me to accept my addiction.
Head on back to Gypsy's Corner for some real 3 or more Tuesday's.
I hope to do better next time.
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