Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Kris

Today is my friend Kris's 29th Birthday. Being the "bad"
friend that I am I had it down for tomorrow. What a dope I am.
Sorry Kris, and I hope you have the most special day with your family.
I will pop over later and hopefully catch you home.
About Kris:
I was lucky enough to be picked up by Kris in Target over 15 years ago.
Yes, you heard that right.
My oldest daughter was playing softball on her husband, Greg's softball team and she
had met my mom at the first meeting. She recognized her at Target and so she came over to say hi, and that is where we met. And boy am I the luckier one for it.
Kris is a very special person.
She creates laughter where ever she goes (she is very funny, and I know funny)
She is warm and caring and a very devoted friend.
She is terrific in the kitchen and creates a special welcoming atmosphere for people when they enter her home.
She, in fact is the ultimate suzyhomemaker and is practically perfect in every way.

Now since I was going to do this post later today I did not pick

my favorite picture of Kris. I will work on that but

until then, Kris here is your 1 minute poem and my sincerest Happy Birthday wishes.

Birthday wishes my dear friend

I will always love you, and on that please depend.

We share so many interests, and have so much fun

The one I miss most is when we used to run.

Our lives are both busy, and that makes me sad

But you remain very close and that makes me glad

So enjoy that beautiful cake, and have a lovely day

And I will look forward to the time that we can once again play.

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