Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday - Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Thank you Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for hosting another
fun Outdoor Wednesday.
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ....
I went outside today to have a look around for something to inspire me
for my Outdoor Wednesday post. Everywhere I looked, my cat, Ivy was
following me. She wasn't following me on the ground, but spying
on me from the roof.

Here she is on the back patio checking to see if I was doing anything interesting.

Here she is over the front porch. I think she is making sure

I am behaving myself. She is very prim and proper and doesn't

approve of bad behavior.

Here she is playing peek a boo.

Nosey isn't she?

Ivy and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

Now head back to Susan's for more Outdoor Wednesday fun.... and remember

to behave, Ivy is watching you.

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